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Splash Mash Dash

Splash Mash Dash

Connect kids and Youth age 6 to 16 years in a program structure that enhances their self-esteem, self-discipline, perseverance, focus and sportsmanship in the three disciples- Swim Bike Run.

To provide educational, training, leadership, developmental program , and racing opportunities to promising young triathlon athletes who desire to race and participate in the sport of triathlon.

The competition is divided by gender and one-year age groups and in age-appropriate distances for swimming, biking and running (in that order). Children 6 to 8 are classified as Juniors. 9 to 11 year old kids are classified as intermediate. The senior group is classified as 12 to 15. The junior group competes in a 50 yard swim, a 2 mile bike ride and a 500 yard run. The intermediate age group goes on a 150 yard swim, a 4 mile bike ride and a 1 mile run. The senior group races on a 300 yard swim, a 8 mile bike ride and a 2 mile run.

The age groups start in heats, with each boys' age groups starting before the girls' age group. The first age group to start are the 14-year old boys, followed by the 14-year old girls, and this continues down the age groups to the 6-year old girls, the final group to start.



Children who learn fundamental running, jumping and throwing movement skills through track and field acquire quire a strong foundation for success in all other sports and physical activities. To help prepare them for a lifetime of excellence and diversity in active living, Fitness Concept offers the Run Jump Throw program to the schools, clubs and communities across the nation.

  • Its fun, it's simple, and kids love it. Running, jumping and throwing skills are the key to all land--based sports, and can benefit all youth. Run Jump Throw program focuses on:
  • a fun and active learning environment
  • ndividual improvement and positive reinforcement
  • developing the skills of running, jumping and throwing in age appropriate sequential progressions
  • well improvement in physical and emotional well--being

There are nine stages within the basic above program:

  • Stage 1: Active Start (0-6 years)
  • Stage 2: Fundamental (girls 6-8, boys 6-9)
  • Stage 3: Learning to Train (girls 8-11, boys 9-12)
  • Stage 4: Training to Train (girls 11-15, boys 12-16)
  • Stage 5: Learning to Compete (girls 12-16, boys 15-18)
  • Stage 6: Training to Compete (girls 18-20, boys 21-23)
  • Stage 7: Learning to Win (girls 20+, boys 23+)
  • Stage 8: Train to Win- Winning for a Living (Podium) (Above 23+)
  • Stage 9: Active for Life (any age participant)

Please sent all enquiries via email to sharon.chen@fitnessconcept.com.sg